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Welcome to Low Down Publishing

We do everything we can to make you as musical as possible.

Low Down Publishing is an emerging leader in Music Education, with resources for music teachers and independent learners.

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Danny Ziemann - Founder of LDP, and author of multiple method books. Danny tours internationally and has taught at both SUNY Oswego and the Eastman School.

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LDP is a four person team, led by Danny Ziemann, with combined decades of music teaching experience and professional performing experience. 

Technology Specialist

Michael Sherman - an internationally accomplished performer in the lindy hop scene and an audio/video producer for the Eastman School.

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Senior Editor

John Mills - Senior Editor at LDP, and an experienced music teacher. John is acutely aware of emerging trends in music pedagogy. 

Senior Editor

Erik Piazza - Senior Editor at LDP and experienced music teacher. He has published research, and is finishing PhD studies in Music Education at the Eastman School.

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